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5 truths about darkish matter that no scientist can deny | by Ethan Siegel | Begins With A Bang! | Aug, 2022


This picture showcases the huge, distant galaxy cluster Abell S1063. As a part of the Hubble Frontier Fields program, that is certainly one of six galaxy clusters to be imaged for a very long time in lots of wavelengths at excessive decision. The diffuse, bluish-white gentle proven right here is precise intracluster starlight, captured for the primary time. It traces out the situation and density of darkish matter extra exactly than every other visible remark up to now. (Credit score: NASA, ESA, and M. Montes (College of New South Wales))

Darkish matter has by no means been instantly detected, however the astronomical proof for its existence is overwhelming. Right here’s what to know.

Once in a while, advocates of a fringe idea — one which doesn’t match the proof in addition to the mainstream idea — do what they’ll to breathe life again…


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