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Thought and Evolution – TPS – English


1 – The enlightened Considering

The enlightened Thinkers of all time are alert to greater intuitions; reproducing concepts into matter, they faithfully report their imaginative and prescient and implement what they’ve grasped by means of the development of clear and well-structured thought-forms that may be capable to exert a powerful affect on “prepared to reply” minds.

Each sufficiently outlined thought is a vibration of the psychological physique and, like each different vibration, tends to breed itself within the surrounding actuality, speaking with psychological matter of comparable density; simply because the low, egocentric ideas of the typical man create alike vibrations in different minds attuned to that sort of psychological matter, the ideas of idealists, philanthropists, nice social and non secular reformers, utopians, and extra typically, of those that care in regards to the Nicely-being of humanity create clear and harmonious thought-forms, which radiate and resonate in different minds centered on comparable lofty beliefs. The ability of directed and coherent considered a bunch of attuned people determines results far higher than the sum of the ideas of the people, simply because the coherent beam of laser mild is way simpler than non-coherent mild beams.

The important traits of those New Creators and Communicators are the openness of consciousness, the dedication to the widespread good, the flexibility to intuit the Plan, the dearth of selfishness and separativeness:

A single selfless, uncritical, consecrated particular person can propel a bunch to a sort of work that will probably be profitable.” (A. A. Bailey)

They help Peace on a regular basis and with out hesitation, since they know that, karmically, Good Will and Concord, in contrast to struggle, give good outcomes. Within the dimension of time, struggle is all the time linked to the grudge of the previous, whereas Peace is the forgiveness of the current, alive and vibrant, projected into the longer term.

The brand new idealists know that struggle and peace are born inside, and that the results of clouded destructiveness or joyful functioning are being ready within the hearts of males:

What’s peace? For most individuals this phrase evokes the opportunity of dwelling quietly, protected from any aggression. In actuality, nevertheless, peace is one thing else: it’s the most intense work that may be accomplished on the earth by those that have realized that peace is to start with an inside state. This state is the results of a victory achieved with a bitter battle over all of the psychic conflicts that upset us.” (O. M. Aïvanhov, Every day Meditations)

It’s all of us, due to this fact, with our kind of harmonious vibrations that kind the emotional local weather by which life on the Planet takes place. Solely a decisive break with the previous of suspicion and hostility, which has characterised to this point humanity’s path of “avoidable ache”, can decide a future oriented in direction of Love, by which concern, ignorance and selfishness are thought-about emotional relics of the previous and the consciousness of humanity can rise to stay and breathe brotherhood each single day:

I feel we’ve got misplaced that high quality, the standard of compassion … What’s necessary, it appears to me, is that once you see the entire construction of human violence and brutality finally expressing itself in struggle, for those who see this in its totality, then, within the precise act of seeing, you’ll do the suitable factor.” (Krishnamurti)

It’s clear that the evolution of humanity is accelerating increasingly more; it has now reached such a degree that it must profoundly change the behaviour and the best way of interacting, each horizontally, between people and nations, and vertically, with the world of the spirit. These adjustments, as a way to be lasting and vital, should all the time be strongly wished and applied by people and never imposed from the skin.

2 – Ideologies and Function

Over the course of historical past, concepts, more and more superior and impressed, have given humanity the suitable pressure in direction of evolution; as man approaches and call the world of the soul, concepts turn into adherent to the Plan and, lastly, an expression of It.

From this it follows that:

  • individually: The extra man acknowledges his Nature and his Vacation spot, the extra he elaborates his “dream”, understood not as a useless fantasizing however in a “theosophical” sense, as the flexibility to consciously create with the thoughts and “hold alive” the development of thought as much as its realization:

The dream, because the initiatory Science understands it, is the germ of all actuality. The fabric world, the bodily world, is nothing however the crystallization of a dream, and even when it disappeared, the dream would live on, as a result of it alone is actual: it generates all smart varieties.
On daily basis, try to consciously open the doorways of the dream. It’s within the dream that you’ll find the important parts to rebuild your life and provides it that means. Then, even your face will replicate one thing of that world of sunshine, magnificence and unalterable pleasure. That is the true life.” (O. M. Aïvanhov, Every day Meditations)

  • collectively: The expansions of consciousness of humanity have usually occurred by means of the talk between completely different ideological camps, after battle, many makes an attempt and errors. That is how contact with the upper spheres is slowly constructed and the Antahkarana is strengthened, that’s, the bridge that unites the persona to the soul, each in people and teams. Spiritually oriented teams are usually not static, however reply, dynamically evolving, to new circumstances: new types of service are taking form and going down, previous varieties are dissolved or revitalized for an ever wider Imaginative and prescient and an ever extra superior seek for Reality:

A centered, decided and enlightened public opinion is probably the most highly effective pressure on the earth since from public opinion (which is the centered expression of the expansion of the collective consciousness) will emerge within the plenty the will-to-good, inherent in each particular person; to this finish humanity should work and wait.” (Alice Bailey)

Humanity is a collective entity, fashioned by the union of free individualities, which is educated and repeatedly evolves by means of the human beings who make it up. In flip, males evolve by means of the evolution of humanity. The interplay provokes and fosters transformation and progress of society, in order that males, by means of growing consciousness, can have an ever clearer imaginative and prescient of the Legal guidelines that govern Manifestation and, lastly, when the diploma of evolution permits it, cooperate with them:

“The training of Humanity reveals itself in flashes in every of us, it reveals itself slowly, progressively, repeatedly… From work to work, from perception to perception, Humanity steadily positive aspects a clearer notion of its life, its mission, of God and his Legislation.” (G. Mazzini, Speeches delivered at two conferences of the Society of Mates of Italy).

What human beings have understood and processed with effort and struggling is accepted and elaborated by the people of the next generations, who in flip will produce new beliefs and tasks, that’s, these elements of the divine Plan that they’ll perceive at that exact evolutionary stage.


This text is revealed on the event of the conjunction of Mercury (4th R.), Messenger of the Gods and Lord of the Intuitive Thoughts and Jupiter (2nd R.), nice Lord of Love and Knowledge, within the signal of Pisces (2nd and 6th R.)



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